5 mobile releases & 5 announced games of the past week
My Hero Academia RPG from Bandai Namco
Official Olympic game features NFTs and play-to-earn
Releases from FunPlus, Konami, NetEase, EA, InnoGames & others
Carry1st raises $20M from a16z, Google, Avenir & others
Newsletter is coming back after a prolonged hiatus
Fruit Ninja 2, Street Fighter: Duel, Star Wars: Starfighter Missions, Warpath, Evo Pop
Announced: Farlight 84, Tomb Raider Reloaded, Total War Warhammer.
Roblox IPO, cloud gaming on iOS in browser, Apple 15%, Embracer Group M&A spree
Warpath by Lilith Games, A3: Still Alive and Guitar Girl
Fruit Ninja 2, Evo Pop and other mobile releases
Badlanders, Crossfire, Funko Pop Blitz, Dragonscapes, Atlantis Odyssey and others