Bonus Level #11: NOV 23-29

Announced: Farlight 84, Tomb Raider Reloaded, Total War Warhammer.

Usually the last week of the month is the most busy with new mobile games - probably, because teams are reaching the final stretch of the deadlines for a scheduled month. But that’s not the case in November. Maybe instead of “Launch in November”, the mantra “Release by the end of the year” takes the leading role, and we will see a parade of releases before the Christmas holiday in the stores. The most prominent games this week are exclusives for China/Asia.

The digest of news will be back, when I stop crunching at work on Saturdays 🤪

Game Releases

Major Games

1.Street Fighter: Duel by Tencent (China only). 3v3 real-time multiplayer fighting game in the famous series, but for Chinese market only. Taiwanese singer Jay Chou is taking part as game ambassador and playable character.

Licensed IPs

2.Slam Dunk by DeNA (Asia only). Basketball arcade sim with 3v3 matches based on anime by Toei Animation. Over 1M downloads on Google Play.

Medium & New Publishers

3.Dystopia: Contest of Heroes by Beetroot Lab. Base building war strategy following Clash of Clans steps, but in a vivid scifi art-direction. Latvian studio worked on the game for 5 years. The main character on the icon and marketing materials is UFC star Conor McGregor.

4.Shining Beyond by XII Braves. Character collecting RPG with anime-styled art direction from Singaporean studio.

5.Destiny Child: Defense War by Thumbage. Squad-based tower defense with characters gacha.

6.Oceans Board Game Lite by North Star Games. Digital version of Kickstarter-backed board game about creation and evolution of marine species.

Top Downloaded Hypercasuals

1st time entries in top 15 of the U.S. App Store

5.Roof Rails by Pixel Box/Voodoo. Collect log pieces to extend a trunk in your hands and use it to ride on rails between skyscraper roofs - well, you need an original gameplay to gain low CPI.

6.Hyper Recycle by Suji Games. Operate loader of a garbage truck. From Istanbul-based studio.

Premium Games

7.Football Manager 2021 Mobile by Sega, $8.99. Sports manager simulator is back on shelves every year.

8.Embracelet by Machineboy AS, $6.99 (iOS). Adventure about teenager in Northern Norway, who possesses a magical bracelet. Also released on PC and Nintendo Switch in September 2020.

9.The Tree by Plug In Digital, $4.99. Digital version of the board game about growing a tree: place parts of the tree like branches, leaves and flowers before the opponents.

Apple Arcade

10.Warp Drive - Teleport Racing! by Supergonk Ltd. Arcade racing on quadcopters with instant teleporting around the track.

Upcoming Games


1.Farlight 84 by Miracle Games/Lilith Games. A very ambitious battle royale with mobile/PC cross-play from a new Singaporean company and Chinese heavy-hitter Lilith Games (AFK Arena, Rise of Kingdoms). It’s a hero-based battle royale, like Apex Legends, with vehicles, jetpacks, weapons customization, and you even can build a house utilizing resources scavenged in combat. Post-apocalyptic wacky weapons and humor are included. Early Access is scheduled for 2021. Watch trailer.

2.Tomb Raider Reloaded by Emerald City Games/Square Enix. Teaser trailer doesn’t reveal anything about gameplay. The game is developed by Vancouver-based studio and will ship in 2021.

3.Total War Battles: Warhammer by NetEase/Creative Assembly/Sega. Real-time strategy in Warhammer fantasy setting and within Total War series approach, developed fully by NetEase.

Pre-registration started

4.Mist Forest by NetEase. Idle character collecting RPG with portrait orientation. A step into AFK Arena territory.

5.Modern Dead by Onemt. RPG and city-building strategy combination in zombie apocalypse setting. From the publisher focused on Middle-East market.

6.Stella Arcana by LRGame Inc. Open world MMORPG with combat, house decorations, pets and dating. Debut title with high production quality from the company registered in Hong Kong.

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